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Ermes & Venere rice (6 pcs)


3 packages of 1Kg of Ermes Rice Tenuta Favorita
+ 3 packages of 1Kg of Venere Rice Tenuta Favorita

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L’Ermes distingue per:

  • High percentage of vitamin B
  • Rich in iron and magnesium
  • Helps lower cholesterol

Ermes red rice has a medium-long grain that stands out above all for its nutritional qualities; it contains pigments of the polyphenol family with anti-inflammatory action. It is an excellent rice to use in the kitchen, very versatile in its use, recommended both boiled and sautéed.


Venere is:

  • Strongly aromatic
  • It is the richest in fiber and mineral salts
  • High percentage of antioxidants

Venere rice with an almost ebony grain is a strongly aromatic type of rice and is particularly different from other types because it remains crunchy. It is ideal for recipes based on vegetables and fish and is very suitable for the preparation of salads.