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The key-element

Water is for us a resource of inestimable value and required to achieve the quality of the rice we produce thanks to its purity and temperature.

The estate is full of springs of crystal clear water capable of watering 90% of our land. This is a very rare, not to say unique, feature which distinguishes us in the in enhancement of our project through environmental sustainability. 

The inclusion of the property within the "Palude di San Genuario" Natural Park is a great added value, in consideration of the current ban on the use of non organic pesticides for cultivation; this practice is fundamental to guarantee the maintenance of the qualitative integrity of the circulating waters.

The high salinity and turbidity of our soils together with the peculiarity of the waters used for cultivation, are giving to our product organoleptic and product characteristics such as to make it unique and unmistakable.

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